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                      TEL:+86-0760-23371133 | Email:export01@chonon.net


                      Our Product & Brands

                      ChangLong’s high quality and credibility has won recognition and favor from many international famous lighting enterprises, such as Panasonic, GE, Philips, Osram. ChangLong was ever the best parter with them.

                      ChangLong specializes in developing and manufacturing customer-made product, and constantly meet customers’ demand within the time frame.

                      • new


                      • Troffers/Recessed Lights

                        Troffers/Recessed Lights

                      • Panel Lights

                        Panel Lights

                      • Clean Room fitting

                        Clean Room fitting

                      • Ceiling lights

                        Ceiling lights

                      • LED pendant light

                        LED pendant light

                      • LED downlights

                        LED downlights

                      • Accessories